Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chrome Extension for Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS

I became a fan of Google Chrome development capabilities. Last week, I have developed two Google Chrome Apps, leveraging Polycom DMA APIs Now, I have tested Google Chrome Extension, using Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS APIs.

The purpose of that extension is to be able, from the Google Chrome UX, to create an ad-hoc and scheduled meeting. I have published that extension in the Google Chrome WebStore.

If you have new feature idea, don't hesitate to comment that app.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chrome App for Polycom VMR Management

That is why I think APIs are very important... In previous articles, I already showed several examples of development leveraging Polycom DMA REST APIs for VMR Passcode management using Java or HTML/ Web Development.
Today, I have tested a new approach: a Chrome App.
The main advantage I have leverage my previous piece of code (Web dev), but without the need to have a Web Server. It is very easy and fast to design...

Chrome Extension
That video will show you the user experience of that Chrome extension.

I have also published that application on Chrome Web Store : here
Don't hesitate to share your comments on that app...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

HR professionals will shape the future of business

A couple of weeks, I have written an article "Leveraging Human Capital with Polycom technology"

Based on recent studies, the use of online video in the hiring process jumped a staggering 320% from 2010 to 2011. Why? Not only is the process faster, but the results are also better.

  1. 95% retention rate for candidates chosen through online video interviews
  2. 54% of employees screened through video interviewing achieved goals on time as opposed to 43% hired the traditional way
  3. 82% of candidates chosen via video interviews delivered 12-month milestones on time

Not only is video interviewing more effective, but it is also less costly. Video saves as much as 67% of travel costs associated with in-person interviewing...

It is time to test it..

A customer example: Afflelou

[Engage by Blug] Feedback

As always that is a great event... It was my second time as speaker.

Just some numbers:
- 48 tracks (Business, Administration, Development...)
- A opening session with Kramer Reeves and Suzanne Livingston
- About 350 attendees,
- 66 different speakers,
- 30 IBM Champions from all over the world,
- A speed-sponsoring session - Three minutes twelve times to talk about your solution
- A great community spirit...

Partner List

Acuity & Polycom Booth 
Partner Zone

The wall of Speakers

Just before the start of my session...
This year, I have delivered a presentation with Marco Janssen from Acuity on Social Communications & IBM Sametime 9. I have more specifically covered the video part of that presentation - Why Video Collaboration is critical? What are IBM Sametime Audio/Video capabilities? Integration with Video Room Systems?

Theo Heselmans has done a great job with this event. Would like to see the same kind of event in other EMEA countries..

Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Engage by Blug] - Bus04. Social Communication & IBM Sametime 9

In March 17-18 2014, I will attend as speaker Engage by BLUG  in Theater Chassé in Breda, NL.
I will deliver a session with Marco Janssen from Acuity.

Marco Janssen is an IBM Certified Sametime 9 administrator with 7 years experience in IBM Collaboration Software. At Acuity he is responsible for designing and implementing small to large IBM Sametime infrastructures. As part of every IBM Sametime 9 implementation it is his task to educate the customers IT staff in managing and maintaining the newly implemented IBM Sametime infrastructure. Related to IBM Sametime, Marco has over 4 years of experience in testing and implementing Polycom Video Conferencing solutions in IBM Sametime infrastructures.

The title of the session is : Social Communication & IBM Sametime 9
Tuesday, 18/03  9:00 - 10:00 > room: C
Using IBM Sametime is a must have for companies willing to become a Social Business: “Because Social Isn't Social If You Can't Communicate”. This session will give you an overview of the new IBM Sametime 9 capabilities, and growth path to integrate with Video Conferencing Solutions.
And, at the end, we will share with you tips and tricks for user adoption.

I encourage you to register to that FREE event. Some numbers on that event:
  • 66 Different speakers!
  • 30 IBM Champions will be on stage too!
  • 24 first time Engage/BLUG speakers!

IBM Sametime 9 & Polycom Demonstration

On the Polycom booth at IBM Connect, you could see the seamless integration between IBM Sametime 9 & Polycom technology: Integration with Polycom Group Series, with Polycom Collaboration Server (RMX)...
If you didn't have the chance to see that in action, I have recorded a demo of the different use cases:

Demo Sequence:
1/ Call to Sametime User using video endpoint as preferred device - TCSPI
2/ Invite an expert using Polycom Endpoint in a Sametime Meeting (Dial out) - TCSPI
3/ Call to Polycom Group Series - IBM Softphone
4/ Call to video meeting room involving H323 & SIP Endpoints (AVC/SVC) - IBM Softphone
5/ Call to video meeting room involving only SIP Endpoints (SVC) - IBM Softphone

If you want to see that in live, contact your local Polycom representative...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leveraging Human Capital with Polycom technology

I have published on my blog examples of vertical integration of video into business processes (Video Online Banking in Finance). I'm really convinced if you want to drive the best user adoption of a new service you need to seamlessly integrate it into an existing business processes...

I would like to highlight another industry: Human Resources (HR).

HR department is under pressure, the role of HR is changing. HR need to deliver forward-thinking capabilities that can help companies respond more timely and effectively to changes in the business environment, Lead their organizations in areas such strategic utilization of employees to serve business goals, and talent management and development...

Video-enabled processes can help them in several domains:
1/ Talent Acquisition
2/ On-Boarding
3/ Performance Management
4/ Flexible Working
5/ Learning & Development
6/ Succession Planning

I will deepen the number #1: Talent Acquisition
You have probably read several articles on Internet about Video Interviews. Video interviews help attract skilled workers and talents, and shorten time to hire. For example, when I joined Polycom, I have done several interview rounds via video with my manager based in US and the recruiter in UK. But, in my case, I have used Polycom system in Polycom Paris.

- As a candidat to be able to do that from your home office via your laptop.
- As a HR recruiter to have a simple interface linking your recruitment system via your video infrastructure to easily setup interviews rounds and notify the candidate via email.

Polycom has developed a prototype to link Kenexa BrassRing with Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS to be able to easily do video interviews..

I have illustrated a full recruitment process involving these two solutions that Day in a Life.

[Day in a Life] Polycom & Kenexa Brass-Ring - Video Interview from Vincent Perrin

During IBM Connect 2014, we have demonstrated that solution on the Polycom Booth.
I have done a demo for Bertrand Duperrin. Sorry in French..

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

IBM Connect Showcase 2014

As all years, you can meet all IBM Business Partners in the IBM Connect Showcase. Polycom has its own booth to demonstrate its cool and seamless integration with IBM Solutions like IBM Sametime (IBM Connections Chat & Meetings), IBM Kenexa BrassRings or IBM Care Manager (Healthcare solution).

In the long list of IBM Business Partner, I had the opportunity to meet a new cool integration with IBM Connections from a French Company named Reverso Softissimo : Reverso Translate for IBM Connections.
This solution allows you to easily collaborate with your colleagues all over the world with Reverso Machine Translation fully contextually integrated into IBM Connections -> Translate any text, from any page, on demand, instantly...

It eliminates the language barriers when you have to socialize !!! 
Great, isn't it..

Watch this video if you want to see it in action...