Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Multi/Omni-channel Customer Engagements with IBM Marketing Cloud

According to me, customer engagement through Digital Channels (email, sms, mobile push, web..) have to be unified, integrated and consistent.
IBM Marketing Cloud (powered by Silveprop) provides effective way to interact with customers, prospect or partners via different channels via an unified User Experience and Interface. (multi-channel), but also to start a journey on one channel and based on customer behavior, reaction, preferences to switch to a way other channels.

For example, through the automated campaign (just below), the communication starts (triggered by an event : subscription) by sending an email, then an other one if first one is opened and then based on link clicked in the second email, the third communication can be an email or a mobile push.

That campaign is fully designed via the web interface allowing you to describe the interaction journey with your customers.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

IBM Silverpop Mobile Connect

IBM Silverpop Mobile Connect allows marketers to send relevant notifications at the right time that target the right customers, based on their profile, behavior, and past mobile interactions. In addition to Silverpop Engage communication channels (email & SMS), you can now create and send personalized and interactive simple mobile push notifications to customers’ iOS and Android mobile devices.

The tighter integration in Silverpop UX allows you to reuse your existing segmentation to target the right contact, with a personnalized message.

In addition to push, you automatically track many user mobile behavior:
  • Session Start
  • Session End
  • Application Installed
  • Application Uninstalled
  • Push Sent
  • Push Clicked
  • Custom event
And you can use these info for new targeting with other elements: Profile, Behavioral Data...

Example of query:


The mobile SDK (available here) can also easily update Engage Customer Profile attributes.

That new feature enhanced the multi-channel capabilities of IBM Silverpop Engage..

Stay tuned more to come in coming months...