Friday, July 18, 2014

[Lab] Polycom Conference Manager for Google Chrome

[UPDATE]: New UI with version 2.0

Two weeks ago, I illustrated how to develop a PHP (server-side) application, leveraging Polycom DMA APIs, to easily control a Polycom on-going conference (here). That app doesn't require admin credentials, so an end-user can use it via its own credentials, but he needs to have a PHP server.
So, to simplify the use of that service, I adapted that aplication to be usable as a Google Chrome App. So, now anhy end-user can install that "local" app on its Google Chrome browser, and uses it.

Click on that icon to install it on your Google Chrome.

That application provide the following features:
  • List of meeting participants (audio, video, content)
  • Start/stop recording
  • Lock/unlock conference
  • Mute/unmute a selected person (or a list of people)
  • Mute all participants except chairperson
  • Unmute all participants
  • Add/remove participants.
  • Save/retrieve your meetings details (DMA FQDN, username, login...)
Some screenshots of that application:

Just retrieved my previous settings

Validate my meeting number of my ongoing conference

List participants

Just clicked on "Begin Recording"

Just locked my conference

Selection of several people who attend the meeting

Just muted selected people

Unmuted the conference
Live Demonstration:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Polycom RealPresence Platform Director & DMA licensing

At the end of june, Polycom has released a bunch of new product releases.Platform Director v1.7 is GA.

With this release Platform Director becomes the licensing control point for Virtual Editions and RPOne in the Flexera licensing environment. The Platform Director is provided with each order of a Virtual Edition or RPOne.  

I have recorded the registration sequence of a DMA Virtual Edition on Platform Director 1.7

[Lab] Video Meeting Tracker

To drive a better user adoption and to improve customer satisfaction, it could be interesting in retrieving feedback from users. Based on Polycom APIs, you can track meeting activities like when a meeting starts, stops, who is the owner and participants.

I have design a small app, tracking meetings and sending an email recap at the end of the meeting to the owner, with a link to a survey.

[Lab] Conference Management via APIs

During the last two years, I have demonstrated Polycom APIs infrastructure value through several examples like VMR-user Management, CloudAXIS scheduling, IBM Sametime integration, but I only played with REST APIs. But, I had a request - display a message during the conference, I can't solve via DMA or Resource Manager API, I had to use Polycom Collaboration Server (RMX) ---- XML-based API.

I have designed a Web application (using PHP) allowing an end-user to fully control his on-going conference. The user will be able to list all meeting participants, start/stop the meeting recording, lock/unlock conference and different mute options, you can also invite/disconnect a participant.

Web Page of the app.
A short recording about the different capabilities of the app:

All features are accessible via only end-user credentials, but if you want to different text message during the conference, you need DMA & RMX admin credentials.


That application has now a new user interface leveraging Bootstrap.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[UX_Series] Polycom Conference Control Application V2

A couple of months ago, I have announced the Polycom Global Services (PGS) asset named Polycom Conference Control Application (CCA) available on Polycom Price list. That is a great tool to let your end-user to easily manage their on-going conference.

Display list of participants

Manage participant (Mute audio/video) 

Mobile Access

Friday, June 6, 2014

[OpenDay] Prenez une longueur d’avance avec les solutions Polycom. (France)

Rendez-vous le jeudi 12 juin pour tout savoir sur les nouveaux modèles de collaboration vidéo et découvrir au travers de démonstrations nos dernières solutions audio et vidéo.


09h00 - 09h30: Accueil café
09h30 - 09h50: Présentation de Polycom et tendances du marché
09h50 - 10h30: Les nouveaux modèles de collaboration vidéo : Hardware, Software, Cloud
10h30 - 10h45: Comment mesurer l’utilisation de vos salles de visioconférence?
10h45 - 12h15: Démonstrations de nos solutions audio et vidéo:
  • Solutions vidéo de salle et de bureau
  • Solutions audio et vidéo dans l'environnement Microsoft Lync (Gamme CX, Lync Room System)
  • Gammes de téléphones multimédia Lync et SIP
  • Solution de web conférence CloudAxis
  • Salles de téléprésence...
12h15: Cocktail déjeunatoire

Date:                                        Horaires: 
Jeudi 12 juin 2014                     De 9h00 à 13h30

Polycom France,
Tour Prisma, 7ème étage,
4-6 avenue d’Alsace,
92400 Courbevoie

Inscrivez vous

Friday, May 30, 2014

[Troubleshooting] IBM Sametime Softphone: Error 404 User Not Found

If you are doing IBM Softphone integration with a third party SIP server like Polycom DMA, you could face that error: 404 User Not Found.

First of all, you have to read the document named "IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Unified Telephony Lite Client troubleshooting guide" (here). A good port configuration is important.
404 error can be cause by a misconfiguration of Virtual Hosts.
1/ Check the SIP ports configured on the application server and fix the VH settings accordingly (remove the redundant SIP ports, don't change/remove non-SIP ports)

  1. sip_proxyreg_host VH should contain only SIP ports used by the P/R (it should NOT contain SIP ports used by the CF)
  2. default_host VH should contain only SIP ports used by the CF (it should NOT contain the SIP ports used by the P/R) 
My port configuration on Media Manager:

In my configuration, VH for sip_proxyreg_host was like that:

I had to remove 5060 & 5061 lines, restart and retest your call from a SIP endpoint to a S9 client

[UX_Series] Smarter Retail Mobile App

According lot of analysts and vendors, The WebRTC revolution has begun. Polycom, as one of the spearhead of Standard and interoperability, is ready to make WebRTC possible (here). But, in my humble opinion, the technology is not the revolution, the use cases are. It will change the way people use video technology, outside tradition rooms.

One year ago, Polycom has delivered in the market the perfect product to start that revolution: Polycom CloudAXIS, a Web-enabler & Video Enabled Business Process (VEBP) solution for video conferencing.

To illustrate VEBP leveraging CloudAXIS, I have developed a mockup of a mobile retail app to allow customer to engage experts/advisors during their shopping experience.

Description of the use case
Workflow of the use case from an user
Technologies Used:

For that mock-up, I have used all of these technologies:
1/ A NFC Tag and QR Codes - It identifies the store or the article.
2/ An Android Tablet or Smartphone
3/ Polycom CloudAXIS APIs
4/ Polycom RealPresence Mobile 

As you can see in term of technology, it is very easy, but could be very powerful for a customer to enhance its Shopping Experience.